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We will collect caravans from anywhere in the UK. Wether its Avondales from Avon, Swifts from Swindon, or a Coachman from Colchester we'll be there as quick as a flash to offer you cash for your caravan

Use the form on the right to get a valuation for your caravan. We pay fair prices for all the caravans we purchase, and we will collect your caravan for free from wherever you are.

Or give us a call on 0122 777 23 73 and we can talk to you about the caravan you want to sell

Not ready to sell your caravan yet? In that case you can read one of our many articles on all aspects of caravans and anything to do with them below:

Transforming Caravans?

Have you ever thought about having a caravan that would "Transform" to whatever layout you wanted?

Changes to the Paper Counterpart of the Driving Licence

Have you heard the paper part of your driving licence is going away? No? That doesn't really surprise us here, many haven't.

Two Bank Holidays? Sounds like fun.

What's not to like about Caravanning. The two Bank Holidays this month offer a great chance to get away and experience everything a caravan trip has to offer. Gareth Iwan Jones, influenced by trips of the past, has decided to take a camera along and document everything they can about this Very Brittish past time. 

You can read the full story here:

David Gardiner of Sell My Caravan Today

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My mission is to help you sell your caravan quickly, conveniently and at a good price.

On this website I hope you will get to know me and my business, and why to do business with us.

We buy all makes of caravan and will give you a fair quote for yours.

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