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A Beginners Guide To Caravanning

Choosing a caravan.

Looking for a caravan can be as exciting as house hunting, after all, it's your home away from home. You'll want something with all the creature comforts you're used to while still giving you the freedom to get away and see the world without all the worries of daily life.

The type of caravan you choose depends completely on you and your individual needs. If you're looking for a small, single axle getaway for two, or the mighty twin axle with beds everywhere ready to take on the riggers of a full fledge family outing, it really boils down to choice. There are so many ways to buy or sell a caravan, from a dealer's forecourt to a show, or at an on-line auction. The choice really is yours.

Don't forget awnings too. They're a great add-on to give you much more space, and can even double as an extra bedroom for that unexpected guest.

Caravan sites, location is key.

Finding your ideal stop very much depends on what you're looking to get out of your holiday. Caravan sites vary greatly, from small fields to great areas with pools and even a gym, it really depends on what you want.

You may want to stop and relax at a peaceful site near the Lake District and take in the amazing views with long calming walks, or set up near a town to visit the shops without the long commute.

Some caravan sites are larger and may have a swimming pool, laundry facilities, a TV room or recreation hall. Others are smaller, quieter and have fewer facilities. This type of caravan site would suit you if you are looking for a more secluded holiday, or if you plan on spending little time in your caravan, returning only to sleep after a long day out sightseeing.

Being a confident tower.

An important part of a caravanning holiday involves towing your caravan to your desired location. If you haven’t towed a vehicle before, and are not quite sure where to start, we understand it is the sort of thing that could put you off going on a caravanning holiday altogether. However, there is no need to feel anxious about it. There are many places that teach how to tow effectively and can give you the confidence to get on the road safely.

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