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Caravan Boat?

A pensioner has taken to the water in a floating CARAVAN - because his wife doesn't like travelling by boat.

Cruising down the Swale alongside sailing boats and fishing vessels, this bizarre combination sticks out like a fish out of water. The mobile home appears to be fixed to the base of a catamaran. It’s no slow mover either, with an engine on the back to speed it up as it travels up the estuary.

Seen anchored along Faversham Creek, Oare Creek and as far away as Conyer, it is unknown whether someone stays in this floating home all year round or whether it’s an unusual holiday home. Locals say the owner is a keen boatman in his "70s or 80s" who lives in nearby Sittingbourne.

Pub landlord Derek Cole, 67, said: "I believe the owner is a gentleman whose wife doesn't like boats but does like caravans. So he decided to kill two birds with one stone and just attached the caravan to a float."

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