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Changes to the Paper Counterpart of the Driving Licence

Have you heard the paper part of your driving licence is going away? No? That doesn't really surprise us here, many haven't.

The lowdown is simple, from Monday the 8th of June 2015, the paper counterpart of your driving licence will no longer be valid and should be destroyed. Unless you only have a paper version, in which case you should contact DVLA for nor information and to get it updated.

The paper part was used to store all the information that simply wouldn't fit on the photo card. Now, however, all that information is stored online, and can be checked, for free, by simply entering your Licence number, your postcode and your national insurance number.

So what does this really mean, and how could it effect you? Well, the short answer is, it wont. Anywhere that required you to show the paper part of your licence, like hire car firms, can now access that same information online with your permission. So there shouldn't be any issue, and could even make things easier as that information can be checked over the phone, saving you a potentially wasted trip.

If you need anymore information about this change, you can see it here on the DVLA website:

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