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  • New Technology making the roads safer.

New Technology making the roads safer.

I'm sure everyone's been in slow traffic. Either being cause by a lorry, towing or just a car going slowly. Trying to overtake may be easy when the roads a dual or larger, but on single lane roads, knowing when to overtake can be very dangerous. Having to swerve back and abort the manoeuvre, or worse, flooring it and nearly causing a head on are really something we'd all rather avoid.

Samsung had an idea that I think is fantastic, putting cameras on the front, and monitors on the back of their trucks to allow people behind to see what's up ahead so they can make a better decision when to overtake.

The technology is currently being trailed in Argentina, where deaths cause by head on road accidents are at their highest. But if it proves to be a success, we could see it on our lorries within a few years, and maybe even on caravans, or other vehicles, soon after.

Any technology that can make the roads safer is always good in our books.

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